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Marbles and More Marbles

Here are some of my marbles. These were painted on 8x8" wood boards for the Little Big Show in Baker City, Oregon. Some of these sold, but some are still available at . It's the perfect size canvas for these marble paintings. It's always so fun to see each marble turn from just shapes and colors to marbles.

This one is called Big Blue. Many of these marbles were from a collection owned by one of my oil painting students, an elderly woman, who had a large jar full of them and they had been in her family for decades. This particular one was very old, and not perfectly round...just a little bit off.

As an artist, I have to judge when to idealize and perfect something, like remove a blemish, leave out a few wrinkles, make someone thinner, or leave it in and embrace the imperfection. I decided to leave in the flaw in this marble, where you will see my others appear perfectly round, this one feels just slightly off, just by a hair. It's a fun exercise to paint something and leave the flaws in. Flawed things can have beauty, too.

This particular series of paintings all have a wood floor background. I normally like to keep backgrounds simple to bring the focus to the objects in the image. The wood grain I painted in the floor helped create perspective as well as movement within the painting.

Thanks for checking out my blog. You can find more of my art here:

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