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Stupid Fat Hobbitses

One of the things I enjoy painting is known as "altered art" what that means is that I find an unwanted painting at a yard sale or second hand shop, and I alter it, adding in an element of pop culture, normally. Usually I only alter part of it, and try to keep the additions looking like they are part of the original piece. Sometimes, if the painting was really amateur, I will enhance it a little, before adding another element. 

For this particular piece, however, it started out as altered art and just became an original painting. I started on a thrift store painting that was never finished. It was a tree with the outline of a child peeking out from behind it. It was just barely sketched in, with a little green painted in the background.  Some pieces just tell me what they need to be, and this one rasped, "Gollum! Gollum!"

So I researched, and ended up using three different reference photos of Gollum and Andy Serkis, to draw out my Smiegol. I am not the greatest landscape painter, but I experimented with this to create a dreary and rocky background, with some red in the clouds as an ominous hint to the hobbits' destination. 

While painting Gollum, I tried to channel his essence in a way, thinking about his plight, attitude, and train of thought, and of course his unique voice became my inner monologue. I think I nailed it.

I found a beautiful frame that I feel complimented it without being too fancy, just enough of an elvish feel to it.

This painting is still awaiting just the right owner. It will take someone special to own it, only someone who is a true fan of  Lord of the Rings.

To purchase, visit my Etsy store, AmyVanGaasbeckArtist.

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